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THE Top Tip – Two of Clubs – Lift and Carry

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Crawler cranes are so called because of the fact that they run on tracks. Normally once a crane is set up to work, it lifts, slews and then sets a load down again without moving.

Crawler cranes however can lift and then carry heavy loads before setting them down again, making them very versatile tools for large open sites. However, when moving under load, there are a multitude of safety aspects that require careful consideration such as the levels and ground conditions under the crane tracks.

They are typically located on sites for extended periods of time due to the cost of stripping down, moving and then rebuilding them again and they work well when combined with modular hydraulic trailers for marshalling large numbers of heavy components in yards.

When it comes to looking at the benefits of crawler cranes and the logistics of large marshalling challenges, we have experience in helping client’s look at port and infrastructure options as well as integrating the wider challenges of sea freight into their major project needs – just get in touch and our team are on hand to help.